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Darshan Academy Scholarship Felicitation Ceremony Kirpal Bagh, 9 February, 2020

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, Founder Chairman of Darshan Education Foundation, presided over a felicitation ceremony to award scholarships to the students of Darshan Academy, Delhi who had excelled in the areas of study, sports and other co-curricular activities in the year 2019-20. The ceremony took part on the grounds of Kirpal Bagh, Delhi on 9 February, 2020. It commenced with a report showcasing the major achievements of Darshan Academy, Delhi, one highlight being the 100% pass record since its inception and five students achieving merit certificates for ranking among the top 0.1 % Central Board of Secondary Examination results, out of more than one million students last year. During the silver jubilee year Darshan Academies have initiated a community project to offer free after school classes to underprivileged children. This has been a successful and highly appreciated venture. The event honoured Payal Vohra, named the Golden girl of Darshan Academy Delhi. She was felicitated by Maharaj Ji and Mata Rita Ji for her recent gold medal in the Khelo India Youth Games 2020. A recording of her 400m race was played on the big screens which was appreciated by all with loud cheers and thunderous applause. This is her 4th successive gold medal. Payal is currently the fastest runner in her age group and category in India. Darshan Academy students regularly win prizes in various sports, including chess, rope skipping, basketball and table tennis. 89 meritorious students received scholarships for excellence in various fields. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj and Mata Rita Ji awarded the scholarship cheques, appreciation letters and prashad to the students. The various scholarships are: Sant Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarship for excellence in academics, Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarship for all round excellence, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Scholarship for excelling in Class X & XII and Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj Sports Scholarship for students who show a brilliant performance in Sports. In his ensuing address to the students, Maharaj Ji congratulated all the students, teachers and staff on their hard work and achievements. Expressing his joy to see Darshan Academy doing so well, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, emphasized how a spiritual curriculum helps us achieve our goals in life. When we focus on our spiritual growth by inverting our attention daily, we can concentrate better and begin to excel in all aspects of life. After the ceremony, Maharaj Ji met with the students and staff of grade XII from Darshan Academy Delhi, Meerut, Ludhiana and Hisar who were present to seek the blessings of the spiritual Master for the upcoming grade twelve exams. The uplifting presence of Maharaj Ji made the wonderful ceremony an unforgettable day to treasure.

(February 17, 2020)


A competition for Reading club students was organised on 17th Jan.,2020 to enforce a flair of reading books and exploring the library more effectively. It was conducted within the school premises under the guidance of the Librarian, Ms. Mamta Amarpuri. The students of Reading club got a valuable platform to show their talent during the competition. A prize distribution ceremony was organised by Library Professionals Association, Delhi for Reading Club students on dated 24th Jan.2020. The Director of Library from NIHFW, Dr. Salek Chand, was invited to distribute the prizes to the students. He spoke about the importance of reading books and told to have a book of their own. He briefed about all the good works being carried out by the association. A memento was presented to the Principal, Mr. A. David for his support and guidance. A memento was presented to Darshan Academy Library, Delhi for implementing innovative strategies to enhance Reading skills amongst the students. A memento was also given to the Librarian, Ms. Mamta Amarpuri for her contribution to the event. It was very well organised and implemented. The Principal, Mr. A. David concluded the function with his encouraging speech and motivated the students to read books and enhance their reading skills.

(February 10, 2020)


ARSHAN ACADEMY, Delhi celebrated Republic Day and Voter’s Day. The program started with a talk by Ms Amrit Kaur on benefits of meditating together followed by meditation. Being the Silver Jubilee Year, the entire school sits on mediation to mediate together on 25th of every month.Mr.Salekh Chand – Director of NIHFW (National Documentation Centre of National Institute of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi) graced the occasion as Chief Guest. A beautiful cultural program was presented by the students after the hoisting of National Flag. Malshri of grade IV gave a special KATHAK Performance and mesmerised everyone. The other performances on patriotic songs and dances were appreciated by all.Mr. Salekh Chand presented Mementoes and prizes to the winners who took part in various activities organised by Reading club of the school. Mr.Chand appreciated the school and the librarian for organising such activities amongst students and encouraging the reading habits in school. He also presented a memento to school Principal Mr.A.David and the librarian Ms.Mamta Amarpuri for their contribution and developing such habits in students.Finally OATH ‘THE RIGHT TO VOTE’ was taken by all in honour of the Election Day.

(February 10, 2020)

Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Training Course, Meerut

Darshan Academy, Meerut organized an internal workshop for teachers on the Spiritual Curriculum Teacher Training Course on 9-10 January 2020. The workshop was facilitated by a group of teacher trainers and chaired by the principal, Mr. Biswajit Dutta and the head mistress, Ms. Shalini Dargan Bhatia. It began with an uplifting spiritual discourse on DVD by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, and his message «Meditate Plenty in 2020». This was followed by ten minutes of meditation. The workshop covered a variety of spiritual topics which included the philosophy and purpose of the spiritual curriculum, an introduction to the vision of Darshan Academy, meditation, vegetarian diet, introspection, creating a welcoming environment and positive behaviour intervention programme. Participants learned about the inspiration of Darshan Academy, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj who is internationally recognized for his work toward promoting inner and outer peace through spirituality and meditation. Through a power-point presentation, Ms. Dargan Bhatia helped teachers recall the philosophy and the true purpose of the Spiritual Curriculum. Emphasis was laid on starting the school day with meditation to help students become a generation of peacemakers. In the next session, facilitators gave a presentation on the benefits of a vegetarian diet. In a discussion on introspection, trainers explained it as a self-help tool designed to bring about spiritual change and personal transformation, by becoming aware of actions, thoughts and words by tracking one’s own progress. This was followed by a discussion on the need of a Positive Behaviour Intervention Programme. Through a power-point presentation, the facilitators emphasized the important aspects of creating a welcoming atmosphere in the classroom with respect for all students, their ideas and opinions. Various topics of the Spiritual Curriculum were highlighted, including peace education and conflict resolution. Participants learned how differences among people can be overcome and the importance of finding peace within. Towards the end of the workshop, the teachers enjoyed singing songs and relating them with ethical values in the spiritual curriculum. Overall, the workshop proved to be very beneficial.

(January 30, 2020)

Spiritual talk and book review of Spark of the Divine

Spiritual talk and book review of Spark of the Divine

(January 29, 2020)

Principal’s Meet, Jalandhar

Darshan Academy, Jalandhar organised a principal’s meet to make the heads of the local schools familiar with Darshan Academy. The principals were given a warm welcome with a song sung by the Darshanites. A motivational play “God is Great” was presented by the students. A PPT of Darshan Academy from its infancy to childhood and then to adulthood was shown. All appreciated the hard work done with the growth of the school.

(January 29, 2020)

Book Review Workshop, Kaithal

Workshops are a great way for teachers to learn new methods, techniques and make the teaching learning process effective. Darshan Academy, Kaithal organised a book review workshop on the book Aatmik Shanti Ki Khoj on January 15, 2020. The workshop began with ten minutes meditation and a video message by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. All the teachers presented the reviews chapter wise and narrated the stories given in the book in their own creative way.

(January 29, 2020)

Teaching Methodology Workshop, Kaithal

Darshan Academy, Kaithal ensures that its teachers are well-versed with the changing trends in education. As part of this endeavour, Darshan Academy Pratap Gate, Kaithal organised a teaching methodology workshop on January 16, 2020. Mr. Sachin Midha and Ms. Preeti emphasized the need for experiential learning, a strategy to make learning more enjoyable for students. Mr. Lachin guided the teachers on how to enhance the four learning skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing and focused on strategies of teaching using auditory, visual, tactile and kinesthetic methods. The workshop was very informative and useful.

(January 29, 2020)

Special Assembly of Republic Day, Jalandhar

Darshan Academy, Jalandhar celebrated the auspicious occasion of the 71st Republic Day with a special assembly. Students showed their love and respect towards their country by delivering speeches on the importance of Republic Day and presenting group songs, dances and role play. The whole atmosphere was filled with the respectful and patriotic vibrations towards mother land India. Meditation was also an important part of the Republic Day celebration.

(January 29, 2020)

Felicidedas 2019

An incredible morning was hosted and organized by class XI students to bid farewell to class XII on 28 December 2019. The ceremony began with a formal blessing ceremony in the presence of parents to acknowledge their overwhelming contribution and passionate participation along with their whole-hearted support in our striving to mature these students into empowered innovators and discoverers in their successful journey of school life. The program was continued with a beautifully choreographed welcome dance performance and the lamp lighting ceremony. It was followed by a novel activity of the felicitation of students which they looked forward to, very eagerly, appreciating their work and contribution to school by their proud parents this time. The chief guest, Dr S S Khokhar, Education Officer-DEF was seen elated on the occasion and reiterated in his speech for students to be more dedicated towards their studies while retaining their values. Among various thrilling performances viz. a skit presenting the school life journey, scintillating dance and melodious singing performances, the ceremonial passing of the light of knowledge, love and empathy became the highlight of the formal blessing ceremony which was greatly liked and appreciated by parents. Himanshu Arora, the Head boy and Chanjot Kaur, the Head Girl from grade XII addressed their teachers and juniors with their enlightening speeches. Many Interesting and tricky games were played to make the environment more joyful in the second half of the informal ceremony. After that a hunt went on for finding ‘MR. and MS. DARSHANITE’ and the same was won by ANMOL GOSWAMI of Commerce stream and SONALIKA of Science stream for their knowledge, nimble-wittedness and their great vision. Words of Wisdom were presented towards the end, by our worthy Principal, Mr. A. DAVID where he emphasized on the importance of meditation in their lives and gave his blessings to the outgoing batch and acknowledged the achievers by awarding the Certificate of Appreciation to them. He also motivated grade XI students for their efforts made for the program in no time. As token of gratitude the grade XII students presented a gift to the school. Finally, a documentary on their past memories and the cake cutting ceremony made every single soul overwhelmed with emotions on the occasion before the students could grab the dance floor and get the photographs clicked with their favorite teachers and friends. To sum, it was a great day full of emotions, entertainment, fun and to create memories for the time immemorial.

(January 28, 2020)


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