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UN Day Celebrations

(November 12, 2018)

Meerut and Delhi Darshanites celebrated United Nations Day on 24 October 2018 at their schools. Learning about the UN Charter was promoted with the help of fun activities. The special assembly emphasized the contribution and peace keeping missions the United Nations champion throughout the world. The morning started with informative speeches and a poem by the students, showcasing UN’s history, agencies and their role, and its efforts to eradicate poverty, promote equality and provide humanitarian aid to those that need it. The UN makes efforts to protect the environment, combat climate change and provide help during all kinds of disasters. Students enthusiastically participated in a quiz to test their knowledge of the international organization. At DA Meerut students of classes VI and VII presented their creativity by making flags of UNO and posters showing logos of UNO and its agencies respectively. Flags and posters on the subject adorned the school gallery and scored applause from one and all. Students were encourarged to look for future opportunities to be involved with organizations which contribute to making our world a better place.

Workshop on Spiritual Curriculum

(November 12, 2018)

Darshan Academy, Pune organized a workshop on Spiritual Curriculum for the teachers on 20th October, 2018 in the school auditorium. The purpose of the workshop was to familiarize teachers with different learning techniques that can help students be actively engaged in the Spiritual Curriculum lessons. The fruitful workshop came to an end with vote of thanks by Mrs. Anupriya Nair, Coordinator.

Positive Parenting Workshop

(November 12, 2018)

Darshan Academy, Pune organized a positive parenting workshop on the topic ‘Overcoming Thinking Traps for Parents’ on 20th October, 2018. The main objective of the workshop was to help parents raise their children with love and equanimity so that they blossom in all fields of life. Facilitator, Mrs. Prerna Gupta, started the workshop with a saying ‘Don’t worry that children never listen to you, worry that they are always watching you.’ Through this quote she created awareness among the participants that children learn more from our actions than our words. She also stressed that meditation can bring a positive change. The workshop turned out to be a highly interactive session where parents could learn how to support their children without placing undue pressure on them. The parents shared positive feedback about the workshop and appreciated the school’s effort in involving parents in overall child development.

Inter House Solo Dance Competition

(November 12, 2018)

An Inter House Solo Dance Competition for classes III to X was held on 15th and16th October 2018 at Darshan Academy, Pune. The competition was based on the theme ‘Festivals.’ Participants were thrilled to be a part of the colorful, vibrant and energizing event. Their dance choreographies showed rhythm and beautiful synchronization. Mrs. Rangoli Saxena, Principal congratulated the winners and appreciated the performance of the children, encouraging them to participate more in such competitions to enhance their talents.

Silver at LSSC Sahodya Basketball Tournament

(November 12, 2018)

Darshan Academy Ludhiana basketball teams from U17 and U19 categories won 2nd position in the Ludhiana Sahodaya School Complex Basketball Tournament. Both teams were awarded silver medals and certificates. The tournament took place at Greenland Convent School , Subash Nagar Ludhiana from 30th October to 1st November 2018. DA Principal Ms Rajdeep Kaur Aulakh congratulated the teams and their coaches for their outstanding efforts .

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