Darshan Academy, Lucknow

Primary School

Primary education is typically the first stage of formal education, coming after preschool and before secondary school. We follow Personalised Learning approach at Darshan Academy which empowers our learners to involve in their learning at every stage: from setting their own targets to evaluating their progress, we believe that learners must become key drivers in their learning so that it becomes meaningful, valuable and personal to them. We ensure that primary our students to best receive and retain information that is presented by the teacher.

Primary Wing at Darshan Academy has an excellent, holistic and comprehensive curriculum. Each student is encouraged to grow and flourish inside and outside the classroom.

  • Inspiring lessons are structured to stimulate child’s enthusiasm and interest for new ideas and skills.
  • Students are creatively engaged with hands-on math lab puzzles and scientific material that make their concepts comprehensible.
  • Lessons are also designed to develop zeal for discovery.

Classes are structured to nurture the curiosity and creativity of the child. Children learn to get along with each other and have respect for all, irrespective of differences. They learn to take care of our planet and all life. They also learn to make a positive contribution to the world and the value of helping other people. Students are taught basic manners and good health habits.

Primary 2

Our strategies

Case studies reflecting real-life experiences as a part of Personality Development projects, field trips, parents as guest speakers, peer tutoring, Roleplay, or skits are some of the other effective teaching methodologies used in our school. Games and hobbies are also given emphasis to encourage exploration of values, foster imagination, and develop physical and athletic skills.

To develop cognitive, psychomotor and effective skills
To make evaluation an integral part of the teaching learning process.
To emphasize thought process and reduce emphasis on memorization.
To use evaluation for improving students achievements and teaching-learning strategies on the basis of regular diagnosis followed by remedial instruction.