Darshan Academy, Lucknow

Principal's Message

Ms. Garima Dhillon

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future.
Children are the most valuable resource of any country. The mind of a child is tender and fresh, it can be molded as we want. Our teachers at Darshan Academy Lucknow nurture these young ones with love and care so that the children become high achievers in later years. We endeavor to make our students realize their potential and talents. Teachers at our academy create a positive learning environment that helps to optimize the students’ learning.
We teach our students to soar to the skies but apprise them that it is in the earth where their roots lie. My heartfelt gratitude to our respected President, Mr. A K Sachdeva, who is always appreciative of our efforts and motivates us to scale greater heights.

Garima Dhillon

Head Mistress